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Flat Paper Handle Kraft Bags

Flat Paper Handle Kraft Bags


Flat Paper Handle Bags or more commonly known as Kraft bags are used for all sorts of reasons, the most popular of which is for food, whether it be a hot food takeaway or a cold food delicatessen.

Obviously the kraft bag offers a quality bag that carries a smaller volume amount than most other bag types, which why it lends itself perfectly to specific types of products and business.

Flat paper handle bags come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but there is one bag style that is more commonly seen, which is the one know as the kraft bag. From a standard brown paper kraft bag with single colour print to a dyed paper full colour print kraft bag the shape and size are totally to your specification.

Please see below a selection of recent Kraft bags we have supplied to our customers;




Kraft Bag Kraft bags Kraft Bags