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Cord Handle Paper Bags

Cord handle paper bag


Cord Handle Paper Bags are often seen as the top end of paper bags, cord is usually used with a laminated bag to give the feel of quality. The colour of the cord is often mated with the branding on the bag itself.

With the feeling of quality comes the likelihood that the bag will be reused many times over on shopping trips or for general use. Cord handle bags tend to be fairly strong bags which lends themselves well to general shopping bags or quality exhibition style bags, they are also for high end fashion and clothing boutique’s for clothing such as suits and coats.

Companies and businesses are able to use this type of bag for almost any image as the are so flexible. Please see a selection of some of the cord handle paper bags we have supplied recently to our clients below.






Cord Handle Paper Bag Cord Handle Paper Bag Cord Handle Paper Bag