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Paper Carrier Bags

Paper Carrier Bags of all types, shapes, colours and sizes. There are so many variations of the paper bags we supply it is almost impossible to show every type on this web site, so for now we have categorised the paper bags into 4 main areas and then shown the various options available.

The four main top level options are;


Once you know which category of bag you need we then look at the next level of options, which type of bag handle you are looking for;


A further consideration is what shape of bag you will be needing and of course what size it will need to be, this is almost always dependant on the actual intended use of the Paper Bags.

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Our Paper Bag options available:

<a href=Brown Paper Bags">Brown Paper Bags

Both Plain and Printed brown paper bags offer that rustic feel and environmentally safe they create a positive brand association for your business and products.

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<a href=White Paper Bags">White Paper Bags

White paper bags plain or printed to fit your retail brand, especially our food safe white paper bags. Perfect for all types of uses they are versatile, stylish and cost effective.

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<a href=Coloured Paper Bags">Coloured Paper Bags

By first bleaching and then dyeing the paper we can produce a non laminated coloured bag to meet your exact requirements. A bag to catch the eye and stand out from the rest.

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<a href=Laminated Paper Bags">Laminated Paper Bags

By laminating the paper bags we can literally create luxury carrier bags with a matt or gloss finish, printed to your brand requirements, adding a touch of class.

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<a href=Bags Without Handles">Bags Without Handles

Some retail outlets products do not require a bag with handles, so it is more cost effective to have a paper bag without handles, these are usually not laminated but are often printed.

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<a href=Die Cut Handle Bags">Die Cut Handle Bags

High quality die cut handle paper bags are usually laminated and printed to fit the clients brand. These bags have a luxury feel to them and often feel more like card than paper.

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<a href=Kraft Bags">Kraft Bags

Flat Handle Paper Bags also known as Kraft Bags are great for use in food sales, usually a brown paper or white paper bag especially used for hot or cold food takeaways, deli's, cake shops and so many others..

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<a href=Twisted Paper Handle">Twisted Paper Handle

Twisted Handle Paper Bags are a popular alternative to polythene plastic bags thanks to their more stylish appearance. Usually printed and not laminated these bags are versatile and cost effective.

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<a href=Cord Handle Paper Bags">Cord Handle Paper Bags

Cord Handle Paper Bags are by far the most popular paper bags on the market. They offer a real alternative to polythene and are perfect for low to middle volume users.

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<a href=Ribbon Handle Bags">Ribbon Handle Bags

For ultimate luxury a laminated paper bag with ribbon handles and ribbon ties will add that extra touch of class, matt or gloss laminated, printed to fit your brand.

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<a href=Swing Tickets">Swing Tickets

We also supply other packaging that compliment our paper bags to offer our clients a one stop shop for paper packaging such as swing tickets,

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<a href=Tissue Papers">Tissue Papers

Many of our clients like to enhance their paper bags or packaging with tissue paper, this can serve to protect the goods being packaged or simply for decoration.

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